August 20, 2017

Dani + Ryan’s Burning Man Wedding in Black Rock City


Disclaimer: We had some reservations about sharing this wedding. We realize that ultimately, Burning Man isn’t for everyone but after editing the gallery, it was the exchanges and the emotion that dominated every image that inspired us to share it anyway. It’s the kind of moments we value the most as wedding photographers, beyond the details or the venue: it’s the connection, the community and the family that forms from a wedding day. These are the kind of celebrations we want to continue to capture and share with you all. We want the wedding industry to be way more about these honest and human interactions than the stationary or even some epic landscape. If all these emotions existed in some church basement with fluorescent lighting, we’d share it with you. That’s what we’re about.

So there’s this stretch of desert from which a city springs up for one week of every year, at the very end of summer. The skyline appears like jewels of color reflecting back to you at night and the people exude a type of confidence, playfulness and character that is normally not displayed on your average city street. It’s entirely unlike any world you can imagine. And we don’t consider ourselves the Burning Man types. We never thought we’d really get the guts to go or if we did, we were unsure if we’d quite resonate with all the reasons we’d heard other people went. Good news: there’s not a Burning Man type. We saw children of all ages, introverts, extroverts, business professionals, creatives, mothers, grandmothers, etc. In a very natural way, it comprised a range that every city does of personalities, self-expression, passion and agenda. But through it all, we felt the sense that everyone was being full themselves; that the city did not demand anything from them but to give back, to include others and engage instead of passively receive. And in that, it was truly the very necessary dose of inspiration we needed to stay grounded, centered, and ourselves once we returned back to the Bay. Burning Man lives well beyond the one week in the desert, it sticks with you and changes the way you show up in the world. And at risk of already putting Burning Man or a wedding at Burning Man into a box, experience it for yourself:bu


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