April 6, 2017

Elizabeth + Chris’s Petaluma wedding


Hey all. Elle here. This wedding has been on my mind recently and originally we weren’t planning on blogging it because it all happened so fast and I didn’t know how much I’d be able to even capture of their day. Elizabeth had heard of me through a friend and reached out a few weeks before her wedding date. She shared how laid back and intimate their wedding was and from the sound of her voice, I could sense how completely at peace she was about the whole process. As someone that is currently planning her wedding, I’ve found myself in black holes of Pinterest and my soul, feeling the pressure to craft some perfect experience that deeply displays who I am and who Zach is and who we are together in one event. And after capturing over 100 weddings, it can begin to feel like an overwhelming tsunami wave of all the things I could do or didn’t think to do or couldn’t afford. So bringing this back to Elizabeth and Chris, they were entirely different. They had a brief engagement and had a type of acceptance and clarity, un-muddied and unscathed by the industry standards for “wedding”. Due to the budget, I shot it solo and for just a handful of hours and I felt unburdened to focus on details or worry about getting this published anywhere. And I knew there wasn’t any pressure from either of them. They wanted me to just capture the moments I claim to value so much. And the details might work out but who knows. They seemed totally unaware of anything other than their absolute love for each other and their family. And that was precisely the tone of the entire day. Everything that I absolutely love about shooting weddings and everything that drew me to photographing these big days in the first place was loud and clear. The flowers, the couple portraits even, seemed all so secondary. What was the loudest was the candid moments. So needless to say, I, personally feel very emotionally drawn to these images. I cried just picking which ones to edit. I’m not sharing any details or typical shots that we do in blog posts because it doesn’t feel authentic to who Elizabeth and Chris truly are or what their day felt like. This wedding woke me up in all the right ways, made my heart sing for family and the incredibly intimate and profound beginning of a lifelong journey of one couple that begins here, now. I love every single image below. I hope you do too.


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