Frequently Asked Questions

walnut-creek-ranch-ojai-kindred-wedding-photography-201Do you photograph weddings together?

Yes! When you hire Kindred, you get Elle and Zach together, always.

Am I pronouncing Elle right?

Elle is actually spoken like ELLIE. (cute, right?)

Where are you based?

We live in the Bay Area. (Oakland, CA to be exact.)

Will you travel?

Heck YES! It’s our favorite thing to do. We travel for work about half the time. We practically live out of our suitcases at times and setting foot on new soil is one of our biggest inspirations for shooting.

When can we expect the gallery?

Great question. During wedding season, we’ll ask you to be patient with us as it takes time making sure to carefully edit and craft each image. Typical delivery time is 4 – 6 weeks (and 3 – 5 weeks in off season).

How many photos will we get?

Lots. We deliver on average between 75-100 images per hour that we are with you.

What’s the deal with engagement photos?

We shoot an engagement photo session every time. “Why?” you may ask. We love them because they allow the four of us to hang out, plus it gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. We get to see how you interact and you get to see how we work.

Do you have insurance?


I’m shy in front of the camera!

Do not worry one bit. We’re talkers and we have lots to say and plenty of ideas. We both bring a lot of energy to shoots, and don’t think for one second there’s even a chance you’ll feel weird or do not know what to do. Scouts honor.