August 15, 2017

Jaclyn + Michael’s Adventurous Monterey Engagement Session


Jaclyn and Michael met us half way between Venice and San Francisco, right in the heart of the tiny town of Monterey. After grabbing a beer, we wandered down to the foggy Pebble Beach coast and then Zach and I proceeded to lose our sh!t with excitement over the breeze, the way the sun mingled with the encroaching fog and most of all, the dynamic between Jaclyn and Michael. They were so comfortable with one another and were willing to forgo their anxiety about being in front of the camera to capture some truly honest and beautiful moments. So much of what we do as wedding photographers has to do with the willingness of the couple to take a leap of faith, trust that we aren’t take cheesy photos of them and hold one another close. When that happens? This is what you get: carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-30carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-33carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-5carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-26carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-6carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-192017-08-15_0006carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-202017-08-15_00082017-08-15_0005carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-24carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-25carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-36carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-29carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-28carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-32carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-1 carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-40carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-422017-08-15_0011carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-45carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-50carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-942017-08-15_0004carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-90carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-52carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-83carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-57carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-55carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-782017-08-15_0003carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-68carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-89carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-702017-08-15_00132017-08-15_0002carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-54carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-1-2carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-80carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-88carmel-monterey-wedding-kindred-60

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