“It isn’t often you find someone who has mastered their craft to a level of effortlessness. It’s even more rare to find this in a team. It isn’t until you see yourself the way they see you, that you realize how lucky you are to be in love. Elle and Zach understand how to see love because they are in love. They’re in love with their craft, they’re in love with each other, but most of all, they’re in love with love. You won’t find two people more capable of capturing the reason you want to say “I do.” Our wedding day is perfectly placed in our hearts. We’re so grateful that we get to show everyone how magical it will always feel to us.”

 Tennessee + Collin


“We went into the Sunday afternoon feeling apprehensive about getting photographed. Neither of us had been been professionally photographed before, and we had spent the whole weekend wedding planning. We just wanted to have some time to ourselves, and to be still. Somehow, Elle and Zach knew that. Elle is the most gregarious and understanding woman either of us have met. Zach brings the calm and tranquility that pervades in between the clicks of the camera. Together, they reminded us of how exciting it all was, without making us feel overwhelmed. There were no posed or forced pictures; no staged moments. Everything was organic. What we needed in that moment was to be intimate with each other, and that’s exactly what Elle and Zach gave us. It was therapy. It was meditation. It was everything we could have asked for in that afternoon and later at our wedding. And then, on top of that, they took SUCH breathtaking pictures! They were able to capture moments; each snapshot a story of the bond that forms our relationship. ”

 Anne + Cole

“We knew the few short hours of our wedding would almost immediately be rendered nothing but memories. A dream we would share for the rest of our lives. Elle and Zach captured this dream, and for that we are forever grateful. It’s a priceless documentary of a beyond perfect day. Like no other photographers we know of, they tell a story. They bring determination and rigorous craft, yet their presence was light-spirited and joyful. They so clearly love their work, and their work shows love in all its brilliance.”

– Lulu + Sam


“You guys are the best. Everyone who works with you comes away THRILLED! Thank you for all your vision, your kindness, your SO helpful direction during shoots, and your calming spirits. We are really lucky to have had you at the helm of a big day memory making. Can’t wait for more events to take pictures of.”   Brad and Brook

“Matt and I cannot express how happy we are with the way Zach and Elle captured our special day. From our initial meeting, Matt and I loved Zach and Elle’s positive and happy attitude. They were interested in getting to know us and learn our love story. They made Matt and I feel so comfortable and after getting the pictures, they really captured who we are and how we are together. They did so much more then take pictures at our wedding. Looking at the pictures, we are instantly put back in those happy moments, surrounded by all the people we love the most. Thank you guys! ”

Stephanie + Matt

“You have such a gift of capturing the moment of what was going on at that time. We love our wedding photos and it’s such a blessing to look back at those photos and have all of those little memories come back to us. You made us feel so comfortable and we didn’t even notice you were shooting us! Keep doing what ya’ll are doing. You guys are great at it!”

– Noah + Amber


“I couldn’t have asked for a better photography experience! From our engagements to the big day, Elle and Zach did an unbelieveable job. They were both so much fun to work with and captured every detail of our day perfectly. We will treasure our beautiful photos forever!”

– Sarah and Phil

My name is Ryan and it’s my honor to share the experience my wife and I have had with Elle and Zach and their work…but I can’t…

Not with words or stars or fives out of fives. “It’s perfect,” is too easy. They’re the best mix of artists and pro’s and friends and even that sells them short. So, do this exercise with me, k? Like a VR thing. Ready? Its a Saturday morning. You’re staring at the blank canvas of the one day of the week that’s truly yours. The as-yet unstructured day promises hope, excitement, potential (like, say, your wedding day).

And then you remember the errands you have to do–car, groceries, bank, busy work. But its early still. You can get it done. So you set out, but the oil change place has a line and 15 minutes takes an hour. Its cool. You can do this. But now the bank looks like security at LAX on Thanksgiving. You grab a mystery sucker and suck. And wait. It’s almost noon by the time you’re on the road. Shit. Where’d the day go? The grocery store is ahead but just the thought of that parking lot. You can’t even, when…there’s a KNOCK KNOCK on your window. You’re shocked to find you’re no longer in traffic. Your car is suddenly parked in its own, private lot and a crew has appeared out of nowhere. Are they…detailing your dirty Camry? At your window, a smiling woman. She’s full of life. You cant place her but you know her face–maybe you’ve always known it. She signals you to roll down your window. You do because weird VR dream…

“Hey, Ryan. I’m Elle,” she says casually. Of course she knows your name. “How’s your heart,” she asks? Elle and a handsome guy you’ll soon know as Zach are gonna handle the groceries. Dont worry about that. What she really wants is to hear about is your favorite place in your neighborhood. What gets you out of bed and gives you life? What’s your favorite thing about your fiancé? Oh, yeah, your fiancé is here, too. And she’s saying you not only planned the best Saturday shes ever had with you, but the wedding pictures are perfect and she loves your new best friends, Elle and Zach. Aaand this where my testimonial loses coherence… It was bound to because Elle and Zach are not real–they are ninjas and artists and Willy Wonka and they are so good at what they do, it just doesnt seem possible that we could not only afford them but that we met on a chance referral.

Our pictures are the best my wife or I have ever taken. Elle and Zach captured everything I love about the people I love the most –every funny, adorable, amazing look my beautiful wife makes. And now I have it forever. And the best I can do is to tell anyone who’ll listen that Kindred is the best choice we made on a day full of choices and chance. And if I could do this from the rooftop, I’d be hoarse…and possibly in custody. So, I’ll leave this, knowing its not enough: Elle and Zach are the best. Thank you, Elle and Zach. Thank you for everything.

Ryan + Lauren