March 30, 2016

Liana + Brian’s Rustic Backyard Elopement in San Diego


Liana and Brian have become good friends with us since their wedding. Experiences with them will do that. They’re infinitely invested in the people around them and once they know you, you’re in their life. We’ve spent nights sleeping on their couch, eating food in their kitchen and playing Settlers. Their wedding was a beautifully intimate and sacred ceremony, 28 people in field outside San Diego, soaking up the sunlight and running toward the mountains after their first kiss. They proved that bigger isn’t better and they chose the less popular but more meaningful route for celebrating their marriage. We’re so honored to witness and capture all the moments:san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography10san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography1san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography2san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography13Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-9san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography11san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography15san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography14san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography5san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography7san-diego-wedding-kindred-wedding-photography6Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-17Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-18Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-19Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-23Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-20Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-21Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-26Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-24Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-27Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-28Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-29Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-35Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-31Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-34Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-37Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-39Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-45Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-41 MG_0350-487-19-69MG_0521-538-26-76Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-47MG_0704-577-31-81Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-52Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-51Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-48Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-54Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-55Zach-elle-photography-san-diego-wedding-photography-32

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