June 29, 2016

Lydi + Sean’s Adventurous and Urban New York City Engagement Session


Okay, we haven’t shot these two’s wedding yet and we almost can’t handle the excitement to photograph their wedding Puerto Rico in 2017. It’s going to be bomb dot com because, well, these two are some of the most open, interesting, intelligent, people-loving humans I’ve ever met. They be cool. And to prove it, I’m just gonna go ahead and quote a portion of the email inquiry I received whenever Sean reached out to shoot their wedding:

On photography and your work: If I’m being honest, photography isn’t particularly important to me. At least the way I feel it is often used. Maybe I sound like a curmudgeon, but I feel like everyone is obsessed with documentation for the sake of documentation. There is a lot of “what”, but not a lot of “why”. This is to say that I think photographs–at their core–are meant to be discursive and intentional. The viewfinder is an implicit point of view: it “captures” life and belies all that it omits outside the frame. I know this might all so sound a bit verbose and academic, but as it relates to your work I think it makes perfect sense. We really admire and appreciate your point of view. We don’t want to look back at these pictures and see the “what”: i.e. we got married, we were on a beach, our family and friends were there. We want to see these pictures and remember the “why”: the way Lydi can make me laugh, how goofy we look when we dance, how incredible we feel when we are surrounded by our family and loved ones. We feel like you have such a gift for capturing the candid, honest, fun moments of life and that is how we want to remember our wedding day.

Yeah, need I say more? Definitely not. See them for yourself:


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