May 31, 2017

Zai + Phil’s Mt. Tamalpais Engagement Session


Zai and Phil are the kind of couple that have experienced what seems like a lifetime together. They’re comfortable with one another and naturally fit together and I can tell they’ve spent so much time learning the each other and their relationship. Zai is energetic, bubbly, witty, gregarious and loves to laugh (we love it when Zai laughs, too). Phil is a warm, grounding, perceptive and kind presence and together they make complete sense. We loved getting to observe and capture their love. See it for yourself below:mt-tamalpais-engagements-kindred-san-francisco-wedding-60mt-tamalpais-engagements-kindred-san-francisco-wedding-66mt-tamalpais-engagements-kindred-san-francisco-wedding-12017-05-31_0016mt-tamalpais-engagements-kindred-san-francisco-wedding-4



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