We believe that love is why we exist, why we keep going, and why we create. Love isn’t an addition to our lives, it’s where we derive meaning and purpose. We delight in its enigmatic, beautiful, and varied nature and how differently each couple embodies and crafts their own love. 

Love is all.

And even more how it inspires everyone around them. We want to capture that. We aren’t here to create typical imagery or fit you into some wedding industry mold of love; we fully want to capture and memorialize the unique way you fit one another and feel when you’re together. Let us tell your story:

Kind words from real couples

“Elle and Zach captured everything I love about the people I love the most –every funny, adorable, amazing look my beautiful wife makes. And now I have it forever. And the best I can do is to tell anyone who’ll listen that Kindred is the best choice we made on a day full of choices and chance.”

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A little about us

elle-zach-0102Based in the Bay Area, our goal is to create photographs that display how you feel with your best friend, surrounded by your favorite people, daring greatly as you step into the next chapter of your lives. It’s why we do it and it’s what keeps us exploring, creating and meeting radically in love couples ready to take on a whole new adventure with their person. Read more about us.